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All of my products are made from natural, raw, pure, unrefined ingredients. I source directly from the homeland of each ingredient... enough said.


Used in many of my recipes, I get my raw shea butter straight out of Africa! I also source my Calendula flowers from Egypt.

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I use raw cacao butter, not cocoa... and it comes from Peru! This is what gives my miracle butter that natural chocalatey smell that doesn't come from a drop of essential oils. Oh, and the amazing benefits are important too!

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Did you know that all of my bath salts not only have epsom salt, but a unique combination of salt sent to me straight out of the Dead Sea. It doesn't get any more legit than this!

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skincare tips and facts

Did You Know?

Be Careful

A lot of today's skincare in stores is packed with tons of harmful ingredients. It it is so hard to find companies that are transparent and natural. Pay attention to all ingredients on the labels. Some ingredients to stay away from, are listed in this article I found.


Remember to always do your own research, because sometines certain ingredients are only harmful in certain quantitities.

Some Chemicals Are Natural

A lot of times, people steer clear of products with certain ingredients. But, not all chemicals are harmful. Some come from natural processes in the environment. Some of those long confusing names can be really beneficial. Also when it comes to preservatives, you sometimes don't have much of a choice. You must research. It is key! We try to keep the guesswork out of that for you and keep our ingredients simple.

Should I be Exfoliating My Face?

Exfoliation is important for our skin from head to toe! Some parts of the body can be exfoliated more often than others though. And some more mildly. When exfoliating the face, I recommend a very fine exfoliator such as oatmeal or a just a washcloth. If you are going to use an actual scrub, I wouldn't exfoliate the face more than once a week. The skin on the face is very sensitive. You could make your skin inflamed and damaged. ESPECIALLY if you have acne or other skin conditions.

How Often Should You be Exfoliating?

When it comes to the face, no more than once a week if you must. Or just use your washcloth when you wash your face. The lips though, certainly can benefit from a sufar scrub. Use it 1-2x per week. For the rest of your body:

  • Sensitive skin- 1 or 2x per week
  • Normal skin- 2 to 3x per week
  • Oily skin- 3 to 4x per week